Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Check out our commonly asked questions regarding starting your EOS Implementer® franchise:

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® is ideal for privately held entrepreneurial small to medium-sized businesses that are growth-minded, with 10-250 employees.

An EOS Implementer is a business coach, teacher, and facilitator of proven EOS tools and processes that help guide leadership teams and entrepreneurs around the world get what they want from their businesses. Attend the webinar to learn more about implementing EOS®.

Boot Camp is offered each quarter to a limited number of approved franchise applicants who want to use EOS to help entrepreneurs and leadership teams reach their potential. In three intense days of live, interactive training, you will learn the secret sauce behind the EOS system and powerful insights to work with leadership teams, and clarify your business plan to grow your business to any size you want. No theory – pure experience! Learn more about our training opportunities.
  • Humbly confident
  • Grow or die
  • Help first
  • Do what you say
  • Do the right thing

No. We help you get your first five clients to get you up and running. You have to do the work to get your clients, but we will coach you through our proven business development process. You will also be in our Warm Lead Program that curates, matches and distributes leads to our EOS Implementer Community™.

Yes. As an EOS Implementer you are able to set your own pricing for your clients. However, in order for those sessions to count toward certification, you need to charge a minimum of $2,500 per session day in the first year and $3,000 per session day after that.

Yes. After the first year, you are required to conduct 30 sessions per year. We do everything we can to help you get enough clients to support your practice.

Yes, there are 4 levels of Professional EOS Implementers®:

  • Professional EOS Implementer (2/4 QCEs attended, 30+ sessions, $3,000+ session fee)
  • Certified EOS Implementer® (3/4 QCEs attended, 48+ sessions, $3,500+ session fee)
  • Expert EOS Implementer™ (meets the criteria of Certified plus 500+ lifetime sessions)

Learn more about EOS Implementation at the EOS Implementer Overview Webinar. 

  • 2020’s average EOS Implementer session fee was $5,200 per daily session.

Yes, we coach every EOS Implementer on our 4/2/1 Business Development Process. We give you a complete marketing toolkit that includes social media assets, a website (microsite), branded collateral, branded email, and access to our Warm Lead Program. We give you a customer relationship management platform to track all your activities plus scripts for calls. If you need additional business development support, we offer an additional workshop and coaching for those who need it.

Our Franchise Agreement’s initial term is 5 years with 3-year renewal terms; however, franchisees can terminate their franchise at any time with 60 days’ prior written notice.

No. There are no territories for EOS Implementers. You can work wherever you want in the physical or virtual world.

EOS Worldwide does not charge a royalty fee on your revenue. Instead, we charge a flat monthly membership fee for the use of our system. Please refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document for a complete list of applicable fees.

Firms or co-ventures can be created for Professional EOS Implementers to share various expenses or to just work and learn together. See EOS Worldwide Operations for questions or more details.

Yes! While we want you to choose one operating system, you can offer complementary solutions to your clients that have nothing to do with EOS or EOS Worldwide. And, you can exercise your entrepreneurial skills with any unrelated business venture you wish. However, to maintain your Professional EOS Implementer status, franchisees are required to conduct 30 sessions per year after their first year of implementation and maintain an 8.75+ average session rating.

Yes, we provide you and your clients with free and paid options to use EOS One software (currently in Beta development) as part of EOS implementation. EOS One is our proprietary software platform that you and your clients can run their business on. EOS Implementers will also receive a commission for every license your clients sign up for. See EOS Worldwide Operations for questions or more details.