From ‘Down Under’ to ‘Up and to the Right’

Some people are passionate. But it’s more accurate to characterize Daniel Davis’ life as a series of obsessions, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. “I don’t just enjoy business. I have a love affair with it!” he says. And he means it. 

Hailing from Australia and currently residing in Sydney, Daniel got his first job when he was just 10. Inspired by that early experience, he started his first company at 21. By 26, he had four businesses with 70 full-time employees and revenues in the millions. The sky was the limit. 

Until it fell. 

Rising From The Ashes

“I had the Midas touch in those early years,” says Daniel. “I felt like I was invincible. But then I made one critical error in business that cost me both personally and financially.” That one error was investing in a friend’s business that very quickly went bankrupt.

But like most successful entrepreneurs, Daniel didn’t stay down for long. Sure, he had to work 10 times as hard to get back on his feet, but saying he “recovered” would be an understatement. Today, he’s built an impressive variety of business experience covering retail, commercial property development, telecommunications, manufacturing, automotive, and business services. He’s the co-founder of Empowering Community Solutions in Sydney, an organization founded on his passion for helping troubled youth realize their potential. He’s one of the Syndicate Chairs of the CEO Institute. And he’s the first Certified EOS Implementer® in the Asia Pacific region.

How did he do all this? By being curious and shifting his perspective.

Creating Truly Great Businesses

“After riding the rollercoaster that comes with business ownership, I found myself looking for answers,” he says. “But the turning point wasn’t finding a quick solution, it was asking a big question: What does it take to create a truly great business?”

Of course, Daniel didn’t just ask this question. He obsessed over it. He immediately embarked on a vigorous global search for the world’s most effective business tools, sharing his knowledge with fellow leaders along the way. Before long, he launched a business training company that helped over 300 Australian businesses move “up and to the right,” growing more profitable and efficient than ever before. 

It was an impressive start, but the true lightbulb moment came in 2014 when Daniel read Traction. The experience changed his life, and he made it his mission to bring EOS® to Australia and the entire Asia Pacific region. “My obsession now is helping entrepreneurs clarify, simplify, and achieve their visions,” he says. “I’m grateful that I can bring my entire life experience to making that happen.”

Spreading the Wealth of an EOS Life

Trusted by EOS Worldwide to expand the brand internationally, Daniel has proven himself to be a master of the EOS Process®, Model, and Tools. He’s delivered hundreds of full-day sessions with leadership teams. And he’s now growing the EOS Implementer Community™ as the regional Community Leader in Australia and New Zealand, helping other business coaches, trainers, and leaders become master EOS Implementers®. Thanks to Daniel’s efforts, Australia is now home to a growing community of Professional Implementers. These passionate local entrepreneurs work hand in hand with leadership teams around the country to implement EOS Tools in the most effective ways possible.

“We’re building a thriving community of successful, abundance-minded entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and mentors who share our EOS passion and core values,” says Daniel. “Personally, I want to help as many people as possible to become master EOS Implementers and experience the EOS Life®: doing what you love to do, growing with people you enjoy, making a significant difference, and having time to pursue your passions.”

It’s been a wild ride for Daniel, but if you ask him, he’s just getting started. “I’ve invested in business creation and growth my entire life. I’ve already been a founder, owner, and leader of five successful companies. And I’ll continue to obsess over how to help others achieve success through EOS!”

Well done, Daniel!

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