The True Meaning of ‘Service’

“Shea uses her influence to help others, serving and steering organizations to improve entire cultures and economies.”

That’s what St. Louis Small Business Monthly wrote when Shea Peffly earned the publication’s Wonder Woman Award, and we couldn’t agree more. Shea’s career accomplishments are impressive in both their depth and diversity. 

As a former CEO, trailblazing executive business leader and current owner of Menagerie Coaching, she’s a true leader who always challenges businesses and her clients to raise the bar while understanding that service has many dimensions. 

A Leader Who Knows How To Serve

As an African American woman with 30+ years of entrepreneurial experience, Shea has led many executive leadership teams in executing a strategic vision, growing top-line revenues, increasing efficiencies, and cultivating healthy cultures without sacrificing accountability. 

As the daughter of a Marine, she understands the importance of structure and discipline, as well as how to extend service to different forms of influence—from serving your country to people, causes, and communities.

Shea has gained a deep understanding of the challenges that today’s business leaders face, and her favorite tool for meeting those challenges is the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). 

Using EOS To Cast A Wide Net Of Service

As a former EOS client herself—and after serving as her prior company’s Integrator—Shea joined our EOS community after witnessing how our system can impact entrepreneurial businesses on a large scale.

Today, a big part of her role in leading Menagerie Coaching is serving as a Professional EOS Implementer® in the greater St. Louis Area, Illinois, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

“When I work with a client, I can authentically tell them that I’ve sat in their seat on both sides of the table,” says Shea. Her secret weapon: She’s seen first-hand how EOS can change a company’s culture and performance, and she knows exactly how to help their business experience its own menagerie of unique gifts.

Speaking of gifts, one of Shea’s is her ability to engage entrepreneurs in tough conversations. At EOS, we’re having more conversations about how to support the incredible power of African-American entrepreneurs like her. While the number of African American-owned businesses is growing, minority businesses join all entrepreneurs in the fight to eliminate the many obstacles that can kill a promising business before it has a chance to start. 

We’re so proud of Shea, her accomplishments and her service to others. But we can’t help but wonder how we can make an impact on a larger scale. Our vision is a society of entrepreneurs that reflects all of America, and an EOS family that reflects the diversity of entrepreneurs around the world. That’s why we’re so excited to accelerate the amazing growth potential of people and businesses from all backgrounds.

Building A Better World

Shea approaches life with a belief that we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves, and we couldn’t agree more. Everyone deserves a shot to contribute. 

“The blending of our unique abilities is the compositional foundation that builds our economic success,” says Shea. “By sharing our time, talents, and cultural gifts, we strengthen our communities and create a collage of differences that build a stronger, better culture than any one individual can experience or accomplish.”

Here’s to that beautiful collage, and to people like Shea who demonstrate the true meaning of leadership, success, and service. 

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