Steps to Becoming a Business Coach

Stop being frustrated trying to help your clients and make an impact right away with a complete and proven business operating system.

A Complete Business Operating System for Coaches

To be a confident business coach, you need a system. The problem is there are so many tools and methodologies out there to choose from – jump in and help your clients with clarity and confidence with the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®).

Here's How to Get Started


Attend a free webinar and apply to become an EOS Implementer if:

  • You’re passionate about helping business owners, leaders, and managers get more of what they want from their businesses
  • You share the EOS core values
  • You’re ready to build your own coaching business


After you've attended the free webinar, submit your franchise application and meet with a franchise leader so they can:

  • Get to know you
  • Answer your questions
  • Help you assess if this is the right journey for you

Professional Implementer Boot Camp™

Register for and attend our Professional Implementer Boot Camp. This three-day interactive, content-rich course will teach you:

  • How to use all of the EOS Worldwide resources to grow and support your business
  • The best ways to build your client list
  • How to clarify your personal business plan and achieve the future you want and more!


Begin coaching, join the community, and live your ideal life:

  • Start delivering results for your clients
  • Immerse yourself in the supportive, collaborative worldwide community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs
  • Enjoy a lifestyle that most people only dream of, yet one that our Implementers live and breathe every day


Here’s the pricing to become a Professional EOS Implementer if you think you are a fit.

One Time
Per Month

*Please visit our FAQ page for more information about the initial investment to start an EOS Worldwide franchised business.


20 Clients

By using our proprietary business development system and turnkey marketing system, we help you get 20 clients in your backyard (in person or virtually) in the first 3 years.

100 Session Days

You’ll conduct approximately 5 sessions per year with each client. You don’t have to worry about servicing contracts or monthly retainers, and you get paid at the end of each session you deliver.

200 Free Days

You’ll have over 200 days per year to pursue other passions. You can start another business, spend time with family and friends, or donate time to charity. We want you to have plenty of free time so you can be your best.

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